SaaStock brings its global SaaS conference to Asia

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SaaStock, the largest annual SaaS conference held in Europe, bringing 4,000+ to Dublin, is coming to Asia as part of their global expansion (They are heading to the US with New York and San Francisco, Latin America as well as Australia - Sydney - and Hong Kong)

Ready for it? They announce a 3-day event in Hong Kong:

  • SaaS.City on Tuesday, May 14th: a day of hands-on workshops on Marketing and Sales

  • SaaStock itself on Wednesday, May 15th: your usual conference, except it's all about SaaS :)

  • SaaS Society on Thursday, May 16th: exclusive event for founders with $3m+ ARR to connect and help each grow further (who will be the first $100m ARR SaaS in the region? :)

Delighted to have this event come to the region, we are helping them curate the most amazing speakers.

For their first event in Asia, they will keep the number of attendees low, so get your ticket asap.

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SaaStock Asia in Hong Kong May 2019