(Customer Support / Indonesia) ex-Yammer engineer takes on customer service with Bornevia’s Team Inbox

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Started in 2014 by Benny Tjia, Bornevia focuses on customer support. Initially a CRM, the company just released its new product, Team Inbox.

What’s a “team inbox” you ask? Why not simply share an email among colleagues? Very well thought and designed, Team Inbox allows to collaborate within a team, maintaining proper user rights and tracking of conversations. Team Inbox also merges conversations from Facebook messages, Twitter and emails all in one place, under the familiar appearance of an email inbox.

When asked why he cares about this, Founder and CEO Benny told us that “our vision is to change the way businesses handle customer support. We think support has to be all hands on deck, especially in smaller business”. The simplicity of the product makes it perfect for companies needing a customer support system without the complexity of ZenDesk or a similar product.

If you wonder who’s behind this beautifully, carefully crafted product, Benny Tija is the one you’re looking at: a Stanford graduate and early engineer at Yammer, he lived 2 years in California before coming back in Indonesia. His experience will surely benefit not only Bornevia, but also other regional entrepreneurs who can get inspired by Benny’s product management and pitching skills.