Slack's latest round was made at a 100x ARR ratio!

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Strong of 750,000 daily active users including 200,000 paying ones, Slack has raised an additional US$160m in April, this time at a $2.5bn+ (pre-money) valuation.
Founder Stewart Butterfield, says it's the best time to raise money "since the time of the ancient Egyptians" even though he has no use for the money. One of the upsides of fundraising is the impression it gives to customers: "it reinforces the perception for our larger customers that we’ll be around for the long haul." 
Read Stewart's insights in his interview with The New York Times interview.

While Slack's revenue has not been disclosed, as the basic plan costs US$8 per month, we can estimate the company's Annual Recurring Revenue to be at around $20m... which means that fundraising was done at a 100+ times ARR ratio!