Lifestyle entrepreneur Jon Yongfook launches Intellihelper, a video game-inspired onboarding product

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Remember Zelda and Final Fantasy where a character would guide you through the story using a text box at the bottom of the screen? Jon Yongfook’s new startup Intellihelper is the equivalent for websites: a product manager can now write onboarding instructions (as well as other automated customer service messages) as a story shown in-line on the page.The magic happens thanks to an animated red bubble that highlights the relevant area. Intellihelper’s demo was built using Intellihelper itself. Jon tells us “I used Intellihelper to create the Intellihelper onboarding and it was super easy and fast to do.

Will Founder and CEO Jon Yongfook - the most famous lifestyle entrepreneur in Southeast Asia (did you miss his selfie with a fish? Check out his ‘1 Year as a Digital Nomad’ slideshare) - give up on the beach to grow Intellihelper into a million dollar business?

Very possibly! Jon told us, “If Intellihelper leans towards enterprise sales, I'll need to spend a lot more time servicing clients, which is not something I can do from the beach!”

However, that will depend on the sort of customer profile the product attracts. Will it be the “self-serve SaaS market for $50 to $200 per month subscriptions or custom integrations and enterprise for higher fees with fewer customers?” One thing’s for sure, his previous startup Beatrix is a “glue” product, “it connects two services in a useful way” but “glue is not very defensible, it's usually quite competitive, and you're also usually at the mercy of various third party ecosystems.”

Definitely I think my ambitions have grown. I've been especially cognisant about building a proper ‘solution’ as my next challenge. A stronger product and IP that I can sell to various sizes of company.

Is he sad about a possible lifestyle change? Not really. Jon is the eternal optimist: “I think the important thing with lifestyle design is to keep some variety. I had a good two years of beachy fun, maybe the next phase of life will see me running round the city pitching Intellihelper to big corporations! After which, I'm sure I'll find a way to return to the beach.

Let’s see if his next Instagram pic is of a coconut under a Thai sunset or a cheque from a leading VC… actually, I bet we might see both over the coming months.