Open sourcing our list of SaaS businesses

As we have been publishing the maps of SaaS in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, and running researches on them (soon to be published), SaaS entrepreneurs and investors have been asking us to look at specific angles about them. We run these researches for public publication or privately for them (contact us if you have questions about SaaS, we can help you). Sometimes, it makes sense for the person to do it themselves. In these cases, having the list of the companies is a super useful starting point. That's why we are today opening our list to anyone who wish to get it as a spreadsheet. Just request it below and we will send it to you.

You can do whatever you wish with it. In the spirit of open source, you might share back what you're doing with it.


July 2015: There are now more than 140 companies on the map. Get it now:

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70+ Southeast Asian SaaS businesses identified so far

70+ Southeast Asian SaaS businesses identified so far

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