Save the date for SaaS Business Asia, the conference

In our mission to nurture and build the growing SaaS ecosystem in Asia, we believe we must share resources entrepreneurs can use to grow their business and that we should help connexions among the different entrepreneurs, investors and service suppliers.

We already identified more than 50 SaaS companies in our maps of SaaS in Asia. We will be sharing more resources in the coming weeks.

The next step will be to have entrepreneurs from all these companies to spend time together, learning from each other.

That's why we will be hosting a conference.

Save the date

Date: Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Location: Microsoft, 1 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018989

Ticket sales will be announced soon. Get on the list to get your ticket once available

While the conference will focus on shared learnings and workshops, we will have a few keynotes and panels with experienced SaaS entrepreneurs and investors.

We are pleased to announce our first 3 speakers:

Jon Yongfook

Founder of Beatrix

Jon will help attendees to hack their growth thanks to his experience of building SaaS business with super scarce resources.

- #1 result for "growth hacking" on Google
- built Pitch Pigeon which got acquired
- reached $5k MRR for Beatrix while bootstrapping from several Asian beach paradises.

Cameron Priest

Co-founder and CEO of Tradegecko

Cameron will share his experience of growing a SaaS business from an idea to a 40+ team.

- Raised $800k after participating in the first bootcamp of accelerator program.

Tiang Lim Foo

Market Development Asia Pacific, Evernote

Tiang will help attendees to plan for expansion in the Asia Pacific region and keys to adapt to the local markets.

- Established Evernote's Singapore office in 2012
- Established distribution channels to reach 30 million Android users in Asia for MoVend